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Community Friends is about investing in communities

We support community development organizations like community banks, credit unions and nonprofit loan funds. These organizations finance community businesses, micro-enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and affordable housing helping to create jobs in economically-challenged communities.


Regenerative agriculture is needed for a healthy planet. We support lending to small farmers, organic agriculture, and local food distribution services.


Racial equality is a fundamental human right. Equal access to capital and opportunities must be fair for all. We support lending to people and communities experiencing racial inequality.


Healthcare is challenging for millions of uninsured people. We support physical and mental healthcare programs for uninsured patients.


Affordable housing is greatly needed as inequalities limit or deny housing. We support lending programs addressing homelessness, first-time home ownership, and assisted living for low-income elders.


Environmental sustainability means living within the planet’s finite resources. Today, the unsustainable growth of the world economy exceeds the planet’s capacity. We support sustainable business practices.