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The Carbon Game, created in 2011 by Community Friends, is an engaging way to teach children about carbon dioxide concentrations in our atmosphere and what they can do to mitigate the problem. 
The Carbon Game teaches students about climate change and the important task of measuring and decreasing carbon emissions. We believe that educating the next generation about CO2 concentrations, conservation and mitigation is one of the greatest impacts we can have in our work. The success of the program has inspired Community Friends to partner with other educators and to develop a model that is being offered internationally.
More than 2,000 students in four countries have participated in the Carbon Game. If you or a teacher you know would like to offer the Carbon Game to students, please contact Community Friends to find out more.

The Classroom Carbon Game

  • Objective

    Students will understand carbon concentrations in the atmosphere using data from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

  • Activity

    Students count their households’ car miles, air miles, natural gas and electricity bill for one period.

    The class totals its carbon footprint, measured in pounds of CO2.

  • Objective

    Students will understand actions that lower carbon concentrations: conservation, renewable energy, and carbon mitigation.

  • Activity

    Students pledge to educate 5 people outside of their household.

    Students set a goal to help mitigate the classroom’s carbon footprint through carbon offsets.

  • Objective

    Students will understand how carbon mitigation efforts around their home town and the world add up to change.

  • Activity

    Data from classrooms around the world is aggregated, shared and graphed for comparison. Students can become Carbon Game ambassadors and introduce the game to another school.

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