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The village of Waitalawa

Community Friends developed a renewable energy program in Waitalawa, a remote high-elevation village in the cloud forests of Sri Lanka.

No electricity

Since the village was established in the late 1800s by the British, there had never been access to electricity. Kerosene lamps and wood burning were the only options available.

Abundant water nearby

The mountainous region has abundant streams and waterfalls dropping thousands of feet in elevation from the headwaters. Community Friends got the idea to build a small-scale hydro project sufficient to power the local village.

Hydropower generation

We were fortunate to acquire a micro-hydro generator from the World Bank at no cost.

Installing the generator

We then installed and housed the generator on the banks of the stream. The next step was simply to submerge a pipe to feed the water to the generator with no harm to the environment.

Powered and empowered

The village now enjoys clean renewable energy, eliminating the use of burning kerosene and wood, and promoting lifestyle shifts away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy.

Resources and time

Residents can use their limited financial resources and time for more important tasks rather than constantly struggling to obtain kerosene from far away town centers.

Free electricity

The eco-friendly hydro project provides free electricity to the homes of people who have never had electricity before.